Math Professional Learning


Math teacher in a professional learning environment

  1. Support teachers in pedagogical learning and implementation of Mathematics Common Core Standards as we implement the three shifts in Mathematics: Focus, Coherence, and Rigor.
  2. Implement effective strategies that are founded in the 8 Mathematical Practices; with a focus on questioning and discourse.
  3. Provide students equitable access to rigorous Mathematics course materials through the alignment of resources, coherence of Mathematics Strategies, and implementation of common formative assessments to adjust and inform instruction.

Instructional Materials

2017-2018 Math Curriculum Grade

  • Teacher committees selected Eureka Math as the K-8 Core Curriculum
  • All K-12 student books are core consumable textbooks
  • Only K-8 Teachers will receive printed versions of the Teacher Editions. Grades K-8 Teacher Editions will be available online through the Great Minds Eureka Math Digital Suite
  • All pacing guides are available on EdCaliber / Google Drive. Current HS curriculum is located on EdCaliber via the Lessoneer link

Transitional Kinder

Singapore Math Books A and B, Activity Book A and B

K-8: Eureka Math

Eureka Math (Version 3) as the Core Curriculum, supplement by Open Education Resources (OER) for instructional use.

Mathematics I, II and III: Mathematics Vision Project

Mathematics Vision Project Curriculum as Core Materials for instructional use.


mathematics framework book cover

The following links will help you find directions, videos, lessons, Common Core items, and curriculum resources.

Standards for Math practice

Grades K-5Grades 6Grades 7-12
math professional learning session photo
math professional learning session photo
math professional learning session photo